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A free, open source community for resizable CAD designs. Quickly build a powerful library that runs natively on mac or win without investing a fortune. Are you limited to 1 station of CAD? Do you have to totally redraw every new design in CAD or graphics software? Use SampleMaker CAD to create dependable, variable based designs.

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Mac or PC 

Create Powerful, Resizable Parametric CAD Designs For Free!

Do you have any CAD? CAD available to only 1 experienced user? Different Basic CAD or Vector Graphics programs that create static designs? Use Sample Maker CAD to quickly build a powerful library of CAD designs on your Mac or PC without investing a fortune in proprietary software.

In this quick video see how you can make a resizable parametric design.

Our Goal:

To create a community for resizable CAD designs free from proprietary vendors.  Sample Maker CAD users have access to the Sample Maker CAD Facebook Group.  This group will foster the sharing of files, educate users on design methods and further the advance of features available in Sample Maker CAD.

Motionalysis has other technologies like our Lib software that uses Sample Maker CAD (.smak) files to deliver data in meaningful, valuable ways to manufacturers of Sign, POP displays, labels and packaging.

Here is a quick video of the Lib product using a Sample Maker (.smak) file.

4 valuable ways you can use samplemaker CAD features:
CADCreate virtually any CAD design.
Constraint EngineAssign Variables to make “static” designs resizable.
CustomizeUse Free Sample Maker CAD to make custom designs.
ExportSave files to resize later, or in other formats to open in other CAD or graphics programs or be able to use on any XY cutting device.

How to deploy the technology?

Motionalysis makes it easy and cost effective to get started (Free!!!)

  1. Register for free Sample Maker CAD for Mac or PC
  2. Download and install the free program.
  3. Access the Sample Maker CAD Facebook Group where you can see tutorials, instructional videos, talk with other users and share designs.

Have a blast making your own library!

Who we are:  

Motionalysis 3 founders have almost 100 years of combined CAD software experience.  We all have a background in the packaging industry 2 of us with BS degrees in Packaging Engineering.  Since 1992 we have created, trained, sold and supported thousands of users in over 30 countries around the world in packaging specific CAD systems such as Score!, AEI Designer Workbench, Rules Software and Artios CAD.  We wanted to bring to the world of designers the ability to create custom reusable designs without having to license expensive proprietary software.  We hope that you use the SMCAD tool to create your own custom library for whatever type of designs you like.  Our expertise is in packaging but we all share a passion for design.


Q: Is there any fee for running the software?
A: No Sample Maker CAD is an Open Source Software.

Q: What operating system can it run on?
A: We currently run Sample Maker CAD on Mac Catalina and Windows 10.  All training videos and documents were done in these environments. 

Q: Where are manuals and tutorials?
A:  Manuals and tutorials are available on Sample Maker CAD YouTube and Facebook.

Q: What type of support is available?
A: Since Sample Maker CAD is free software questions can be asked in the Facebook group and the community may help if it can.  There is no formal technical support for Sample Maker CAD but we will make “best efforts”.

Q: What can I do with the files I create?
A: SM CAD Files  are in a SMAK format and may be opened and resized by other SM CAD users.  SM CAD also has some popular export file formats that may be used by other CAD and Graphics programs and various XY cutters, knife, laser, router water jet etc.

Q: Are there advanced software tools available that work with SMAK files?
A: Motionalysis Lib and Quant software can use SMAK files to communicate with other Business and Manufacturing Systems software and processes.  Motionalysis has custom software development capabilities for commercial use.

Q: Will there be updates to Sample Maker CAD.
A: With the growth of the Sample Maker CAD user community we will make efforts to add features that directly benefit Sample Maker CAD users.

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