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Mac or PC 

Are you a non CAD user who needs quick access to packaging designs and critical measurement data?  Do you need to get custom packaging sizes to produce digital print and finish estimates?  Do you want to add packaging as an offering to your customers in an easy and cost effective way?

Motionalysis lib software lets you quickly:

  1. Look up a corrugated or folding carton design.
  2. Resize the carton to the custom dimensions you need.
  3. Quickly communicate the design and data out to other processes.

In these quick videos..see how simple and fast lib can do these tasks.

Our Goal

To make packaging designs available to non-technical users in estimating, customer service, sales or departments outside of the design group.  Harness power users knowledge for others.

If you have ZERO packaging experience, lib makes it easy to get started.

Lib’s intuitive interface makes it easy to find the type of carton you need for the specific job.

The people that benefit most from the lib: estimators and production.

If you are doing more than 1 digital carton estimate a day you know that you are probably doing multiple estimates per order.

Are you sick of the cumbersome, time consuming, old way of getting carton designs and data:  Go to a designer (if you have one) and interrupt their creative process to get a standard library item.  If you have access to a CAD, pull out a book or PDF, try and look through and find the design you want, then go find the file in the software. Open CAD file, bring in the resizable, and finalize the size you need. Take the information you get and re-enter into a business system.  Ask design or graphics to generate a graphic template for you. Pull all of these items together to get an estimate together and send to your client.  For changes or more options go back through the whole cycle again.  End this insanity.

Now simply launch the lib software.  Visually, you can quickly find the design you’re looking for without looking through books or endless files.  Resize the design to the size you need and save the result out for printing or cutting. Generate a specification for your client.  Get the order!  Get a resized corrugated or folding carton design in just seconds!

4 valuable ways you can use the lib software features:
LibraryEasily pick and resize library items.
CalculationsGet key structual information to make esitmates.
CustomizeUse Free Sample Maker CAD to make custom designs.
ExportOutput files and data in formats that may be used by graphic, estimating and production software as well as digital XY cutters.
Who we are: 

Motionalysis consists of 3 founders who have almost 100 years of combined CAD software experience.  We all have a background in the packaging industry 2 of us with BS degrees in Packaging Engineering.  Since 1992 we have created, trained, sold and supported thousands of users in over 30 countries around the world in packaging specific CAD systems such as Score!, AEI Designer Workbench, Rules Software and Artios CAD.  We wanted to bring our knowledge to the new world of Carton Digital Manufacturing.  Our lib product makes it easy for non-CAD users to get the custom sized 1 out PDF’s to be used in digital printers and XY cutters.  Files and data may also be integrated with our partners like Tilia Labs and Motionalysis can integrate with virtually any other manufacturing software.


Q: What if I need to make my own custom designs and categories?
A: Motionalysis has a free open source CAD product called Sample Maker or SM CAD.  Users can create virtually any type of resizable design in the CAD.  SM CAD saves a native .smak file format that can be used in the lib. See for more information.

Q: Can I have multiple users?  
A: Motionalysis lib is licensed on a per user basis.  For multi user or site-based pricing contact

Q: What operating system can it run on?
A: We currently run Motionalysis lib on Mac Catalina and Windows 10.  All training videos and documents were done in these environments. Previous OSs work in many cases. 

Q: What if I want to go up to more advanced lib versions?
A: A user may migrate up to a version at any time.  Contact

Q: Where are manuals and tutorials?
A:  Manuals and tutorials are available online and in the Motionalysis lib Facebook Users Group

Q: What type of support is available?
A: Lib was designed to be very user friendly and fast and easy to install and get up and running.  There are training videos and demonstration files online.  Users also have access to the Motionalysis lib facebook users group.  Questions can be asked and best practices from Motionalysis plus the community of users is available.  Users may also email support questions to with 24 hr response Mon-Fri.

Q: Are upgrades included?
A: Users with current accounts are automatically included in software upgrades.  Upgrades are defined within the version that was purchased.  Example: a lib standard ver.x will qualify for lib standard ver.x1 etc. 

Q: What can I do with the files I create?
A: Lib has several export file formats to communicate out the CAD structure.  For digital manufacturing the Layered PDF out is the industry standard for positioning the graphics, printing out the sheets and CAM cutting the cartons.

Q: Are there advanced software tools available?
A: Motionalysis lib and quant software can easily communicate with other business and manufacturing systems software and processes.  Motionalysis has custom software development capabilities for commercial use.

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